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HS1 Hologram

HS1 display is designed in every way to create a lot of attention around a certain campaign or product launch, either as stand-alone or part of a series. The HS1 has one large tilted pane of glass securing room for your product inside the display and granting a large surface for showing your holographic content. It is also available as the HS1L version that has an extended height to fit taller products. Combining a physical item inside the display with the vivid three-dimensional content catches anyone’s eye and makes the viewers curious.

HS1 completely enchants your audience by making the 3D holographic content flow seamlessly across your displays, adding a whole new dimension to your branded space.


HS3 Hologram

The HS3 comes with a variety of features, such as built-in audio, high-end glass optics , which makes it easy to change and update your content depending on the displayed product, season or whatever influences your business. Simply plug in the display, and you’re ready to start creating magic.

Combining a physical object with the hologram creates a mind-boggling effect that enhances their perception and relation to the product. Whatever type of solution you are looking for, we can assist and facilitate the process from first idea through creative sparring and finished content, making your brand and product come alive in the most magnificent ways.


HS4 Hologram

HS4 mixed reality display is the optimal solution for creating those memorable experiences in large environments such as malls, museums and busy trade fairs. With full 4-sided visibility this display gives the viewers a chance to be dazzled by your holographic content from all viewing angles.

All four sides of the HS4 are fitted with safety laminated optics, granting your viewers a clear and vivid view of the hologram and whatever item you choose to place inside. The combination of full HD video along with physical items inside the display has a powerful and jaw-dropping effect, and will be sure to engage the viewers and enhance their brand experience.


HS-Z1 Hologram

The HS-Z1 is a mixed reality display which makes it an ideal solution for Smaller spaces such as retail focal points, hotel lobbies or office reception areas. It is perfect for compact areas where you want to make a big impression on passers-by and have them stop and pay attention to your brand and product.

This display is flexible when mounted on the stand fitted with wheels, making it an easy task to move it around as you see fit. Perhaps you want it placed in front of a store in a mall during the day, but need to have it safe inside after hours, and moving it about like that is no big deal with the HS-Z1.


HS-CL Hologram

HS-CL is our largest mixed reality display and the optimal solution for creating those memorable experiences in large environments such as malls, museums and busy trade fairs. With cylindrical visibility , this display gives the viewers a chance to be dazzled by your holographic content from all viewing angles.

The HS-CL is so large that it can house items of up to three feet across and almost 2 feet in height giving you the opportunity to play around and place bigger or multiple items to be enhanced by the vivid holographic content.


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Product Application

Real Estate

Giving realistic feeling of upcoming home is key essential for real estate builder. Glass cube display provides such actual feeling through 3D by visualising


Precious things should only be displayed through precise way. 3D display follows every light effect & reflection of Jewelry product, this helps to show the prominent features of the Jewelry to visitors in the shops.

Health Care

Be it simulating the organ implantation or natural behavior of any organ 3D display shows the things as it is inside human body. If someone would like to explain the formulation of drugs or process of molecular reaction on the living beings display well define it in an exact way with 360 degree.


Be it a stunning look of a new version of a Car, slim & sleek look of mobile handset, robotic/industry automation or a simple Banking transaction process, 3D display shows detail aspect about the product & process. 3D animation describes the process in a simplified virtual way to grab learners attention.


Apparel/garments are super fun to add an eclectic feel to entire outfit if its displayed through 3D display. It gives the direction of shows a more cinematic approach. The entire outfit & models seemingly appearing out of the air inside a glass pyramid creates great impact from look perspective.

Home Appliances

Aesthetic view of any home appliance is most important selling factor for any appliance company. Appearance of such products along with its color effects can be visualized in an effective way through 3D display cube. One can show animation of appliance functions along its applications on food products.

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Product Benifits

Brings out real depth and features of your product with high resolution 3D images

By aligning audio such as jingles, background music and voiceovers, your ad will stand out instantly

The product is easy to install, so it can be setup within no time in places with high footfalls

Special effects can be displayed through animation to grab the attention of the visitors

You can buy time slots on a per-minute basis, resulting in complete value for money.